Farming Module on New App to Go Live

EasyFi Network is very happy to inform our community that our security consultant Halborn Security has successfully conducted a thorough audit of the Protocol’s Farming Smart contracts. This includes both the Dual Farming and the Liquidity Farming sub-modules as well.

This audit marks the completion of another step in our plan for a full protocol audit which we shall be conducting in a phased manner prior to a full reinstatement of our protocol.

This also comes within days of our going live on our staking module after Halborn completed the audits. Users…

Pre-Staking rewards comprise a $30,000 prize pool

EasyFi Network is joining the Pre-Staking Carnival cohort on Ascendex Exchange which will offer a share to participants in a $30000 USD prize pool. This program is being jointly rolled out by AscendEX, EasyFi, Router Protocol, and Autonio.

This pre-staking activity will offer a total token worth $30,000 as participants’ rewards which includes the following three tokens:

  • $10,000 worth of EZ
  • $10,000 worth of ROUTE, and
  • $10,000 worth of NIOX

Each pre-staking estimated APR are as below:

Exclusive programs to lock 700K EZ tokens out of circulation. Rewards worth $ 500,000 in EZ tokens earmarked


  • Easyfi is launching 2 new staking programs for EZ and EZ(IOU) holders simultaneously for different durations.
  • Programs start today 19 July 2021 at 2:30 pm UTC / 8 pm IST
  • With these programs we are aiming to lock approximately 700,000 EZ out of actual circulation for up to 180 days.
  • A total of USD $500,000 worth of EZ have been outlined as rewards for these programs.
  • Programs will be launched on a brand new and upgraded UI/UX on the EasyFi App
  • This comes after the successful audits of all smart contracts related to our Staking module by Halborn Security
  • Staking…

EasyFi gets Green to Go Live

With reference to our earlier announcement on conducting security audits for our protocol, we are happy to inform our community that our security advisor Halborn, has successfully conducted the first round of security checks and audits for all our smart contracts related to our Staking module.

This marks the completion of step 1 of our plan for a full protocol audit which we shall be conducting in a phased manner prior to a full reinstatement of our protocol.

These audit and testing measures are a precursor to the full reinstatement of the EasyFi protocol. The community will remember that we…

After reviewing the submissions of the video competition, we noticed that many submissions have exploited the view count with fake views and traffic in an effort to win. As stated by the rules, fraudulent behavior and submissions will not be tolerated and disqualified from this and all future contests.

The judges team for the video competition has undertaken a thorough review of each and every video that was submitted by the community. We have come to a conclusion that there were some very good submissions and some that had boosted / fake views and engagement. …

Stake EZ-DFYN LP Tokens & Farm Dual Rewards in EZ & DFYN with estimated APR upto 150%

EasyFi is happy to announce another initiative towards adding utility to its EZ token. The token will now also be available on Dfyn Network, through a new LP token farming program conducted on the Dfyn Network Dual Farm module on their exchange.

The Dual Farming pools on Dfyn allow users to stake LP tokens and earn rewards in 2 different tokens.

In this case users will get to Stake EZ/DFYN LP Tokens and Farm EZ as well as DFYN tokens.

EZ/DFYN LP Farming on Dfyn

  • In the EZ…

Congratulations Winners!!

EasyFi Network is thrilled to announce all the winners of the Youtube Video Making Competition, which took place between 15th April to 16th June 2021.

We are very happy to see some of the entries which were executed pretty well. We received a total of 93 entries — and after verification for incorrect entries and video related issues, we narrowed down the list to 79 videos.

The entire list can be found here: EasyFi YouTube Video Competition — List of Videos.

Just to remind you all that the prizes were as follows and the main criteria were views…

How to redeem EZ IOUs on EasyFi Application

EasyFi Network has recently announced multiple compensation updates on our Polygon based protocol which can be accessed on the EasyFi Official Telegram group.

Compensation Updates

All the lenders who deposited in the protocol markets have been compensated in respective assets and EZ IOUs as per the previously announced compensation plan.

We have made the following announcements in relation to the distribution of the assets as follows on our telegram announcement channel. Please refer to these links for further information.

Important Update


  • The distribution of assets as per the final compensation plan will start from today 02nd June 2021 UTC 12:30 PM and will be completed in the next 48 hours.
  • Final compensation plan now includes 100% compensation for the users whose value of Net balance on the protocol (Total of deposited assets (stable coins and volatile assets) less borrowed assets) is less than $1000 at spot prices.
  • For the users whose value of net balance of assets on the protocol is greater than $1000 will be paid 25% upfront and 75% in EZ IOU as per vesting schedule described…

Over 30,000 EZ tokens worth approx $200,000 to be farmed in 60 days

EasyFi is extremely delighted to announce the relaunch of $EZ Pools on PancakeSwap, the leading Automated Market Maker and yield farm on Binance Smart Chain with effect from 28th May 2021 at approximately 5am UTC.

Following the EASY hard fork & tokenswap, EasyFi is ready with another community incentivization program with the PancakeSwap ecosystem and for the $CAKE and $EZ hodlers.

Programs on PancakeSwap

EZ Farming on Syrup Pool

This will be a Stake $CAKE — Farm $EZ program with the following parameters. CAKE holders need to stake their tokens and earn EZ tokens on…

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